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What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT is a highly effective and empowering tool that evolves the flow of emotional energy through the body.  EFT is an easy to use technique that uses the same energy points used in Chinese acupuncture. Ancient Chinese medicine has used acupuncture to work with the subtle energy system in the body for 5,000 years. This energy system is known as the meridian system. 

EFT is a type of meridian tapping that combines acupressure and modern psychology. EFT works by tapping on the meridian end points on the body, while we focus or tune into an issue. EFT aids the flow of energy through energy channels, emotional energy moves, blockages clear and energy flow improves. 

EFT is also known as Tapping as we tap on the meridian points of the body.

Energy EFT combines tapping on the energy points with intention to heal and we use the breath to centre and connect to the heart. EFT can be used to help with a wide range of challenges, in my experience all manner of phobias and beliefs, that no  longer serve our wellbeing, can be worked with. By using EFT, the stagnant emotional energy around an issue can be brought to the surface, along with the awareness of the thinking pattern and behaviour connected to the issue. Brought to the surface in the present moment, in a a safe space, the energy can be  felt, acknowledged, honoured, healed and transformed.

What can EFT help with?

Emotional Freedom Technique can help with just about anything, Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual.  

It is an amazing de-stress tool. In 3 minutes the mind and body can feel at ease. So in this sense it is a fast working stress reducing tool.

It can work to calm panic symptoms and to see the underlying thought patterns that are the roots of the panic.

EFT can be used to “calm” and “centre” a racing mind. It calms the body and mind making it easier to use breathe work and meditation, which help with all stress and anxiety issues.​

It can break through belief systems or cognitive processes that were conditioned in early childhood but are now no longer beneficial.

It aids the process of healing trauma, emotional pain and confusion, anger, fear and frustration. It helps to build inner safety, peace and calm.

EFT can help with allergies, inflammation, headaches and back pain in relation to the the physical symptoms and the thinking that goes with the physical issue.

Working with EFT promotes Emotional Awareness, Thought Awareness, Awareness of Physical bodily sensations, Mind and Body Connection, Confidence, Clarity, Focus, Positivity, High Energy states and Working with the Heart's Wisdom and Truth.

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