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What is Positive EFT?

Positive EFT uses the same tapping technique as EFT but we work with positive words and energy to lift our state of mind, body and spirit and bring in more Strength, Joy, Confidence and Love. 

Positive EFT is about bringing in Positive Energy to help with a stress or a problem, we use powerful, stabilising and positive affirmations to shift our perception in the moment and therefore evolve the problem. Positive EFT supports, uplifts, clears and moves energy to rebalance the body. 

Positive EFT, like EFT, works with our healing hearts and our healing hands, our own needs, intention and intuition, to move, evolve and let flow emotional energy in the body. 

What happens in an EFT session?  

An EFT session is client focused and we work with whatever presents itself in that moment, so each session can be different. We work in a way that is safe, supportive and comfortable for the client. The sessions are intuitive and natural.

An EFT session starts by placing both hands over the Heart Centre and breathing and focusing into this area. We do three rounds of de- stress tapping to create a clearer mind and more relaxed body. Using our fingers to tap, touch or massage the energy points, we say the word "de-stress" or "calm" at each point. 

By de-stressing with tapping we begin to create clarity in mind and body allowing the real issue to be addressed. 

For each round of tapping we focus on the heart centre using intuition and intention. We tap on the energy points of the body and work with the thinking, emotions, memories and images that arise as we tap.  

At the end of each tapping round we return to the Heart Centre position to focus, ground and centre. Then we take three deep breaths, this is a moment to reflect, to become aware of any insights or intuition that may have been revealed or understood during the tapping round. It is a space to listen and feel for what the next tapping round will focus on.

EFT sessions work at the client's pace in a gentle and safe way. EFT allows space for the blocked emotional energy and related thoughts, ideas and images to surface, be seen, felt, understood and released.

What happens in the body when we use EFT?

Studies measuring the effects of tapping have shown that it affects the Autonomic Nervous System, which includes the Sympathetic Nervous System, the system responsible for activating the fight or flight response.

There is no need to be in a real life threatening situation for the fight flight response to be activated, it can be activated when we are thinking stressful thoughts. When the fight or flight response is activated one of the hormones this response produces is cortisol.  

Cortisol increases heart rate and blood pressure, activates muscle tension and can alter or shut down body functions, including digestion, the immune system and the growth and repair system.  

Research shows that EFT can reduce cortisol up to 49% in the body. Click here for more info

When we DE- stress our biological chemistry and reduce the fight or flight hormone, the body can return to taking care of itself in all it’s functions.

When we do rounds of EFT we decrease the physical stress or panic feeling and the body becomes calm and allows emotional trauma, old beliefs, damaging thinking patterns to surface and be healed and felt in the safety of the present moment.

The more you use EFT the more you can soothe the body and in turn the thinking and emotions that accompany the physical sensation and vice versa.  

As the stress hormone cortisol decreases, the body is in a more neutral state and not in the defensive, protective state.

This allows for the whole perception to change, to see things in a new light, to laugh, to feel light again.

Some History behind EFT

Classical Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990’s. Gary Craig had trained with Dr Roger Callahan, a psychologist, who in 1979, was working with a client called Mary, around her extreme fear of water. Dr Callahan and Mary were sitting near a pool, Mary was frightened being so near water and complained about stomach pains. Dr Callahan had been studying Chinese medicine and the meridian system. He asked Mary to tap under her eye as this is one of the points for the stomach meridian, hoping is would soothe the stomach pains. Tapping on this point did take away the stomach pains and to their amazement her phobia of water also disappeared.

Dr Callahan continued to work with, investigate and develop his technique. He named it, Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Dr Callahan developed a set of different sequence tapping for each specific problem and the associated triggers or emotions. Thought Field Therapy is today known as the energetic field that surrounds a thought or belief system and the associated emotions.

Gary Craig took what he had learned from Dr Callahan and created EFT. He decided that the specific order of tapping was not so important. In 1995, he published handbooks and a video set, called “The EFT Course”.  

Dr Silvia Hartmann learned and worked with the Classical EFT Protocol for many years with great results and in 2010 she created Energy EFT Heart and Soul based on Gary Craigs work. She writes that "over the years there had been significant advances in the nature of energy work and so developed EFT with Energy in mind". She changed the classical EFT protocol by leaving some points out and added the Heart Healing position, the crown point, the ring finger point and deep breathing to the EFT Heart and Soul Protocol.

To further understand her reasoning behind these changes please click here.

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