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This is me...

Hi, My name is Ashling,  I am Irish, born and bred in Cork. I have lived and worked in London, Paris, Luxembourg, Milan and I currently live in the South of France.  While studying in London I gained experience working with infants, children, teenagers and adults. Working in family, foster care and residential care environments, I engaged with children with Autism, adolescents with emotional, social and family difficulties, and parents with mental health problems and issues with addiction.  

I moved to Paris in 2006 and worked privately as a special needs teacher working with children with Autism and Asperges Syndrome. In Paris, I became a mother and in 2011,  my family and I moved to Luxembourg where my EFT adventure began.  

In the summer of 2013, I experienced a very difficult flight, our plane could not land due to a storm and we flew through heavy turbulence for about 30 minutes to get to the next airport. It was a terrifying experience as I felt we were going to die.  The trauma stayed in my body after this experience and affected my outlook on life. I had intense fear prior to flights and extreme panic during flights and was pretty much not into going anywhere. Before this, the world seems open and full of adventure. After this experience my perception of the world was more frightening, closed and just dangerous.

I was flying home to Ireland with my two kids next to me and I was in full panic in the sky. The lovely Irish air hostess who I had flown with before said, “you are going to have to do something about this”, and told me that a colleague had tried EFT.  

In April 2014, I began to work with a fantastic EFT Practitioner in Dublin around my fear and trauma from the flight.  EFT worked quickly getting to the root of the fear and allowing the emotional energy of the trauma to evolve and shift. I have flown many times since I began working with EFT and I have been able to enjoy the beauty of flying again.  

EFT was so helpful for me that I wanted to pass it on and so I trained and became an EFT Practitioner. In fact, I have never found a tool that is so effective and quick.  In October 2014, I trained in Dublin with Aisling and Ray at Accomplish Change.  The course was amazing and we worked through more layers as we practiced and learned the techniques. I gained my Master Practitioner of EFT certification and I am trained in the Energy EFT Heart and Soul Protocol.

I worked with EFT around many issues and I also began to use Mindfullness to complement the healing process. I was introduced to Mindfulness in Ireland in August 2014 when I met an amazing and beautiful Mindfullness Teacher, Pascale De Coninck. I also began to use positive affirmations with EFT, working with Louise Hay affirmations, books and ideas.  

In January 2016, I set up Let it Flow EFT and began working with clients. I also hold Positive EFT workshops which are a great way to learn about EFT in a light, uplifting group environment.  

I continue to use EFT to evolve, understand, transform and heal the blocked emotional energy I experience in my body. I have personal experience of the powerful effects that come from using EFT and I have seen the same effects when working with clients. I would strongly recommend trying EFT as it can help with many issues and in my experience is one of the most diverse, insightful, magical tools out there.  

Education and Training

Certificate of Higher Education in Youth and Community Studies, Ruskin College, Oxford. July 2003

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology, City University London, June 2006

Certified EFT Master Practitioner, Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies, Guild of Energists, October 2014

Mindfully Being with Ease and Kindness, Mindfullness course based on Mindfullness-Based Cognitive Therapy, with Pascale De Coninck, Sept - Nov 2014 and Feb - May 2015

Zen Mindfullness for Health and Well being, EasternPeace, October 2015

Certified Positive EFT Practitioner, Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies, Guild of Energists, July 2016

Certified Practitioner of Energy Cone Technique, Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies, July 2016

Certified Trained to Teach Paws b , Mindfulness in Schools Project, February 2017

Certified Trained to Teach .breathe curriculum, Mindfulness in Schools Project, September 2019

Certified Modern Energy Tapping Professional, The Guild Of Energists, October 2019

EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner, The Priority Academy & Complementary Therapists Accredited Association, December 2020

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