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Kasia M, Milan, Italy

A May, Energy Worker, EFT Practitioner, Dublin, Ireland

Maggie, Luxembourg

An EFT sitting with Ashling takes place in an atmosphere of complete non-judgemental acceptance, qualities which she herself embodies. She gave me confidence to confront an intimate and uncomfortable issue with a sense of trust. Ashling lays the ground and creates a secure framework in which I found it easy to formulate questions and to work towards solutions.

Edel Cronin, Cork, Ireland

I completed an EFT session with Ashling and found it extremely beneficial. During the course of the session, I was able to clear the negativity surrounding a personal situation. The session really helped to clear my mind and thoughts leaving me refreshed and open minded.

Ashling has years of experience and is so generous with her time and knowledge, sharing her in-depth learning and expertise. I would highly recommend as EFT session with Ashling - you will reap the benefits.

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Ashling is a gifted, compassionate and caring therapist. I trust her implicitly. We have worked together for over four years and in that time we have cleared, healed and released so much. It is such a joy to have Ashlings’ professional and gentle support.

Thank you for the beautiful healing sessions. 

I had several sessions of EFT with Ashling. It was a profound experience, tapping is an effective method. I could sense the energy flow through my energy channels . Ashling, as a practitioner is a very skilled and dedicated professional. She guides you through the session according to your personal needs. I benefited from the sessions as I received a solution to my problem. I would recommend Ashling as a practitioner for any emotional blocks or struggles.

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